What is this site going to be?

This is a question I am never going to be able to answer. It could be many things and nothing at all. The medium of the web, allows for multiple possibilities, identities, and ways of being. All of which, I hope to take advantage of in developing what this may become.

The desire to initiate this site evolves out of a new begin.  An attempt to once again reinvent myself.  In this instance, I am moving away from the open-ended possibilities the art has long provided, into the more defined and scientifically rigid area of the social sciences.  This I am hoping will define new parameters against which I can build or destroy.

It also marks another moment in time where I place myself into something unknown. The title “In Between” has a specific implication. It is about being unhappy with the choices that are being presented and finding that neither or both are also possibilities. Negotiating nothing and abundance provides different strains, other types of equilibrium loss.  The objective is to appreciate and even enjoy the unsettled nature of this position.




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