Matthew Slaats

PhD Candidate in Environmental Psychology
City University of New York – Graduate Center

Matthew has long had a tendency to burn the candle at both ends, meaning he engages in a multitude of efforts that lead him down many paths. Primarily, he has been engaged in efforts to situate the arts and culture as a tool for considering space and activating community voices.   This has resulted in various projects that explore the ways in which relationships between people and place are expressed.  Efforts such as the Hyde Park Visual History Project, Middle Main, PAUSE, and the Fallkill Plan, have allowed him to navigate a unique thread of inquiry about the role of culture and the artist in contemporary society.

In the Fall of 2012, he begins reinventing himself again as he leaves the confines of the arts and beings a path toward the social sciences.  Using Environmental Psychology as a platform, he will be developing methodologies and research questions that quantify the role of culture in defining place.





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